A chat-based social network just for your college

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Brilliant Features

Here are several reasons why your college life is going to be so much better!

  • College-level group discovery

    Join your college on Uniloops and discover all the groups. Never miss out again!

  • No phone number sharing!

    Have fun without any worries. No need to give your phone number to everyone in order to join a group

  • Anonymous messages

    Want to be a bit cheeky? Don't display your name to others

  • No limit on group size

    Want groups with 200 people? Yes boss!

  • Never miss important things

    Separate "Wall" shows you just important messages - no more losing things because people started to flood the chat with other messages.

  • Location-aware

    Find groups near you when you are at another location. Maybe at another college culturals?


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